The last obstacle needs a name – Obstacle 17

It’s high time. The last unnamed obstacle lies in front of you. Send your ideas and suggestions via email to info@strongmanrun.de.
Subject: Obstacle 17
The best suggestion will win the last pair of Brooks Cascadia is waiting for the new owner. Deadline is the 20th of April 2014.


Obstacle 17
Put your yourself together for the last time, collect your strength and get on the last obstacle. Again your climbing skills are in demand. Grab your hands into the wooden structure, then pull yourself up high to the overseas container, jump over the two hurdle made of straw bales and you’ve done it. At least until round 2! DON’T CRY – RUN!

+++ wooden structure
+++ 2 overseas container
+++ 145 bales of straw
+++ Width: about 12 m
+++ Length: 20 m
+++ Height: about 3 m

Trackmap 2014

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-16 um 11.55.12

one, two, three: SLIDE! Obstacle 16 is looking for a name

You are like big kids and can not get enough of sliding – we know that. Therefore you get a spectacular second slide obstacle, right in the paddock. But what’s still missing is a fantastic name for it. So become creative, come up with something cool and maybe win a new pair of running shoes Cascadia from Brooks.

How it works
Simply email us your proposals with the subject “obstacle 16″ to info@strongmanrun.de. Deadline: 17th of April. And cross your fingers. The best suggestion wins.


obstacle 16
Who wants to slide from the top, must first come to the top. The first hurdle is made of straw bales. The required height you get with the help of superimposed overseas containers that are build on top of each other in two major steps. In between there is a network. But only when you have managed to overcome the net you may be on the second stage from which you can finally slide downhill on your butt. But beware, those who are acrophobic should close their eyes! SLIDE ON!

Hard Facts
+++ Width of about 18m
+++ Length: about 100 m
+++ 18 overseas container
+++ 1 network
+++ wooden structure
+++ Car tires
+++ Approx. 90 bales of straw
+++ slide surface approximately 630 m2

installation scribbles



Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-14 um 12.41.52

The second Brooks obstacle with the number 15 needs a name

You think it’s the last obstacle? Nope.

This year you have to overcome a total of 17 obstacles. The cool thing is, you have to do it all twice. But this cannot shock a real StrongmanRunner.

Let’s get back to our second Brooks obstacle with the number 15, because we urgently need a name for it and still need your help. So come up with your thoughts and ideas.

This is how it works:
Send us proposals until 13th of April via email to info@strongmanrun.de Subject: Obstacle 15 and with a little luck , you will soon have a new pair of Brooks Cascadia !


obstacle 15

In front of you lies a black sea of ​​tires. To be precise, there are 14,000 car tires and believe us, there is more pleasant things to do than as to run through. There is no chance to run fast forward anyway, because each meter is a fight over the shaky surface. Be careful with your ankles, because twisting is happening quickly. And that doesn’t make it easier to run on.
Don’t cry – it’s just a bit of rubber!

Hard Facts
+++ 14,000 car tires
+++ Length : 70 m
+++ Width: about 18 m

The 14th obstacle lies before you – do you have a name suggestion?

Once more we have a great obstacle waiting to receive an awesome name! Send us your ideas via email to info@strongmanrun.de. Subject line: Obstacle 14. The deadline is the 10th April 2014. The best suggestion wins a pair of cool running shoes from Cascadia by our partner Brooks.

hinderniss 10

Obstacle 14
After all of this crawling and swimming it is now time to put your martial art skills and your agility to the test: There are 56 haning punchbags infront of you, which are of course going to start swining while you are crossing obstacle 14 with its area of ​​300sq m. So try to be as careful as possible, otherwise you will be covered with bruises. To top it off, you will also have to deal with some power threads from above, whose hissing sound is the least of your worries. So you guys – fight your way through this obstacle!

+ + + 56 punching bags
+ + + Trussconstruction
+ + + Electricity
+ + + Width: about 10 m
+ + + Length: 30 m

arrangement sketch



route map 2014

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-07 um 10.22.17


Much loved and even more feared – our next obstacle. The only think we need is a COOL name. Give us some ideas and win a pair of cool running shoes CASCADIA of our partner BROOKS.

How it works:
Send us an email until 6th of April with your name suggestion to info@strongmanrun.de.

In your email please include the following subject line: “Competition: Obstacle 13″.
The best proposal will win and will be published be next week on Twitter, Facebook and presented HERE on our blog.


Obstacle 13
Guys! You’re dirty and sweaty? No problem. In this obstacle there’s a decent cool down and you will be washed, too. Right in front of you lies our legendary water obstacle. The basin has a length of 40 m, you have to fight through. At a depth of 2 m there are not many alternatives for you, except head up and swim, swim, swim!

Hard Facts
+++ pool
+++ Depth: 2 m
+++ Length: 40 m
+++ Width: 15 m
+++ Tools required: Backhoe


Wouldn’t it be cool to take a shower after the run to get rid of the mud, to relax and put your aching feet and allow eminisce mentally the participation in the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2014?

Since we are due to low demand and unfortunately can not offer the bed camp in the ring°boulevard, we have organized a few places to stay in the hotels and cottages surrounding the ring. But hurry up. First come, first sleep!



Hotel Rieder
The Hotel is located amidst one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Germany-the Eifel. In the immediate vicinity of the Nürburgring (in Wiesemscheid) we provide a home for real StrongmanRunner and their families to spend some hours of relaxation in a cozy atmosphere.
85 € per nicht single bedroom or 105€ double bedroom, breakfast is included.
contact to Hotel Rieder via Email info@hotel-rieder.de

Hotel Rieder
Mittelstraße 13
53534 Wiesemscheid
Telefon + 49 (0) 26 91 / 10 13




Also the Lindner Hotel Group offers the opportunity to stay over from Friday til Sunday or Saturday til Sunday in one of their houses or hotels.
If you are interested, please get in touch with the hotel via the following contact details, because there are just little accommodations available. Anything else is booked.

contact person is Michaela Engel / Hotel Lindner
Subject „StrongmanRun 2014″ via email or phone Michaela.Engel@LINDNER.de
/ +49 (0) 2691 3025666

Lindner 4* Congress & Motorsport Hotel

The Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nürburgring is located right by the starting and finish line of Germany’s most famous race track, the Nürburgring.

119€ per night double bedroom or single bedroom, breakfast is included

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.45.56

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.45.46

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.50.14

Lindner Hotel Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle Nürburgring
The Lindner Hotel Eifeldorf is situated in the heart of the Nürburgring’s party zone, the Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle.
109 € per night double bedroom or single bedroom, breakfast is included

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.48.34

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.48.20

Lindner Ferienpark Nürburgring
The Lindner Ferienpark Nürburgring is just a stone’s throw from the Nürburgring, and its cosy holiday homes have a wonderful view of the picturesque landscape of the Eifel.
245 € per night for the house (accommodation for 5 people possible)breakfast is included

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.59.04

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.59.15

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 09.59.25

More information regarding accommodation at the Nürburgring can be found on the website of the Nürburgring.

We are looking for a name for the first obstacle by Brooks

Together with our partner BROOKS we are looking for a suitable name for this awesome obstacle. You can win a pair of running shoes from Brooks!

How does it work:
Send us your name suggestion via email to info@strongmanrun.de by no later than 03/04/2014. Please use “Contest: obstacle 12” as subject line.
The best name suggestion wins and is presented to you next week on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog .


Obstacle 12
It is once again getting really dirty! A low-lying truss constructionen forces you mercilessly onto the ground. To make things a little bit easier, the ground will be covered in mud. And you can forget trying to jump over it. You will have no chance but fighting your way through the mud. And to prevent you from taking a shortcut, the sides are secured with barriers made ​​of concrete.

Hard Facts
+ + + 360 cubic meters of mud
+ + + Truss construction with crossbar
+ + + Crash barriers made ​​of concrete
+ + + Tires
+ + + Straw
+ + + Width 10 m
+ + + Length 30 m


Together with our partner INTERSPORT we have developed this ingenious obstacle. The only thing we still need is an awesome name. Send us your suggestions via email to info@strongmanrun.de and take the chance of winning a pair of cool running shoes from Brooks! Deadline is 03/30/2014. Please use “Contest: obstacle 11 ” as subject line.
The best idea wins and will be published next week on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog.

hinderniss 7

Obstacle 11

The Intersport obstacle doesn’t only require courage and strength … Much more, BRAIN and SKILL is needed here – which is exactly right for you, StrongmanRunner !

24 logs with a length of 7 meters and a diameter of about 40 centimeters are piled on bales of straw in different heights in front of you. But that’s not all. A total of 500 tires are loosely mounted on the stems and you will have to crawl through underneath and climb over them. It’s won’t be as easy as it sounds – the damn things are constantly moving… Are you sure you gonna make it?

Hard facts:

+ + + 24 logs a 7 m long and 40 cm diameter
+ + + Ca . 280 bales of straw
+ + + Ca . 500 tires
+ + + Width : 12 m
+ + + Height up to 3 m
+ + + Length : 40 m

The Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun FERROPOLIS – REGISTERNOW


Real festival feeling – only here …

For the first time in its history the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Germany takes place on the peninsula in FERROPOLIS. The exact venue where Festivals like the MELT and SPLASH Festival took place. A route of about 20 km and the 15 best obstacles from the Nürburgring StrongmanRun in front of an amazing backdrop with a cool industrial charm and surrounded by water combine everything you can possible you ask for! You won’t find this feeling anywhere else. So get moving and off to the island with you – and REGISTER!!!

DATE: 30 August 2014!
LOCATION: FERROPOLIS at Graefenhainichen


It’s time. The TRACK MAP of Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2014 at Nürburgring is finally finished and available now. We will extend the plan regularly and add the missing obstacles as soon as they are published.
And remember, only 51 days left! ARE YOU NERVOUS ALREADY?

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